Manufacturer of Gyro-stabilized Airborne Imaging Systems

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gyro-stabilized gimbal

Thermography & UV Detection

EO/IR Imaging

HD Video Documentation

Thermography & UV Detection

High Definition, infrared cameras for accurate, non-contact temperature measurements used in a wide variety of airborne applications, such as; power-line and pipe-line inspection, forest fire fighting and mapping, urban heat loss, environmental pollution and oil spill detection and wildlife studies.

Solar blind UV sensors for the detection of powerline Corona discharge that causes power loss and degrades conductor insulation and insulators leading to flashovers, premature failures, and power outages.

EO/IR imaging solutions

Multi-sensor gimbals containing infrared, low-light level or color spotter, laser range finder sensors tailored for homeland security, surveillance, reconnaissance, airborne law enforncement, air support and search and rescue missions.

HD Video Documantation & News Gathering

High Definition video systems that take breathtaking aerial images for documentation, TV news gathering, broadcasting and monitoring purposes.

Service & Support

FLIR controls the entire supply chain for the critical technology inside the gimbals, ensuring fast service and long-term support